Distribute Aid Logo: A flock of doves stylized by stacking wings behind the main outline of a dove. Delivery

Route: UK to Northern France

Distribute Aid is organising a regular route for humanitarian aid shipments between the UK and Northern France. We won't let pandemics, Brexit, or global supply chain disruptions stop the flow of aid to those who need it most! ♥

If you're here because you want to donate goods for people on the move in North France- thank you! Groups on the ground would not be able to provide the services they do without support from donations like yours.

Hub Icon: Multiple nodes connected to a center hub.

3 UK Staging Hubs

Dumfries, Leeds, South England

Map Icon: A destination marker on a map.

Service to Calais & Dunkirk

Supporting 6 Frontline Groups

Truck Icon: A truck in motion.

Regular Shipments

Scaled To Demand

Money Icon: A currency bill with a heart in the middle.

Fair Flat-Rate Pricing

All-Inclusive, At-Cost

Reserve Your Spot!

To get your aid on an upcoming shipment:

  1. Download the Aid Delivery Request Form and fill it in.
  2. Email the completed form to hubs@distributeaid.org. Your local Staging Hub will receive it and follow up if there are any questions.
    Submission Deadline For 2020 Delivery: 30th November
  3. We'll check in with the frontline groups after the form submission deadline, to prioritise deliveries that meet their biggest needs and build a manifest for the upcoming shipment with their input. Then we can confirm if you have a place reserved on the next truck.
    Confirmation Date: 4th December
  4. Schedule a drop-off appointment with your local Staging Hub, pay them the flat-rate Storage & Shipping charge, and deliver the boxes of aid at the agreed time.
    Drop Off Deadline: 11th December
  5. And that's it! Take an evening off to celebrate a job well done, we got it from here. Once your aid is delivered we'll follow up with an after-shipment report, including photos and acknowledgments from the frontline groups.
    Truck Departs: December 14th

Frontline groups we deliver to:

Frontline Group Logo: Mobile Refugee Support (MRS)

Mobile Refugee Support


Frontline Group Logo: Collective Aid (CA)

Collective Aid


Frontline Group Logo: Calais Food Collective (CFC)

Calais Food Collective

Calais & Dunkirk

Frontline Group Logo: Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK)

Refugee Community Kitchen


Frontline Group Logo: Refugee Women's Center (RWC)

Refugee Women's Center

Calais & Dunkirk

Frontline Group Logo: L'Auberge des Migrants (Auberge)

L'Auberge des Migrants


UK Staging Hubs

The most cost efficient and brexit / pandemic-proof way to send aid from the UK to Northern France is by shipping palletised aid on articulated lorries that are loaded by a forklift. That's where our 3 UK Staging Hubs come in! They have the necessary infrastructure and experience working with us to ensure each shipment is fully optimized, which everybody benefits from. Once it's in a Staging Hub, your aid will be palletised, stored, and loaded by a forklift onto the next truck.

Hub Logo: Massive Outpouring of Love (MOOL)

Dumfries - Scotland

Community Collected Aid

loose boxes, tents, etc

Hub Logo: Distribute Aid (DA)

Leeds - North England

Purchased Aid & In-Kind Donations

pallets only

Hub Logo: Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCRAG)

St. Neots - South England

Community Collected Aid

loose boxes, tents, etc

Storage & Shipping (£)

Based on shipping costs in 2020, we have developed a flat, per-pallet and per-box storage and shipment charge (S&S) to take the stress out of budgeting to move your aid. By using the Staging Hubs we can keep shipping costs low and consistent, and spread the cost evenly for all groups sending aid.

Standard Pallet Icon: Four boxes stacked evenly on a pallet.

Standard Pallet - £60 Each

1.2m x 1.0m x 1.75m high


Euro Pallet Icon: Three boxes in a pyramid on a pallet.

Euro Pallet - £50 Each

1.2m x 0.8m x 1.75m high


Sack Icon: A large sack.

Ton-Sack of Loose Aid - £40 Each

1.0m x 1.0m x 0.9m high


Open Box Icon: Represents a banana box for us.

Banana Boxes - £2 Each

50cm x 40cm x 25cm high