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A photo of a refugee aid warehouse with boxes of supplies and shelves of baby carriers.
Refugee Aid

Distribute Aid helps European grassroots refugee aid groups support over 100,000 asylum seekers. We assist with every point in the supply chain: assessing needs, gathering supplies at home or from in-kind donors, coordinating shipments, and advising on distributions. We currently send several regular shipments each month to multiple destinations, and handle specialty / emergency response shipments as well.

A photo of a refugee aid warehouse with boxes of supplies and shelves of baby carriers.
COVID-19 Response
Europe & USA

Distribute Aid is actively working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 globally. We regularly send hygiene and PPE shipments to our European partners who continue to work to protect people in crowded refugee camps. Because COVID-19 affects everybody, our response grew as the virus spread. We now also collaborate with multiple grassroots networks in the US to support their response.

2020 in numbers

Dollar Banknote
$2+ Million
worth of aid shipped

1+ Million
pieces shipped

290,500 ×
aid delivered

467,100 kg
aid shipped

54,953 km
transport arranged

$1 → $340
every $1 donated to Distribute Aid enabled us to move $340 worth of aid

Our Projects

A screenshot of one of our needs list spreadsheets.
Regional Needs Assessments

We always begin planning our shipments by identifying the needs on the ground. This ensures that the donations on our shipments are immediately useful to the receiving groups, and reduces waste and the need for long-term storage. Our logistics team's regional needs assessments identify needs across dozens of aid groups working near each other, so we can approach in-kind donors and plan combined shipments to get even more aid delivered efficiently.

Men unloading aid from a truck.
Refugee Aid Shipments

Our experienced logistics team has seen it all and can handle everything from simple point-to-point shipments to complex multi-pickup / multi-drop-off shipments involving ten or more aid groups. We've reduced the cost of average aid shipments by 25% and increased the quality of aid by 35%. We are a proud to partner with (opens in a new tab) as we scale up our shipping volume and support refugee aid groups in new parts of the world.

A screenshot of Distrubute Aid's COVID-19 resources website.
COVID-19 Aid Workers Guide

Since its launch in March, our COVID-19 information project (opens in a new tab) has expanded into a full resource site with comprehensive guides and information sheets that have been distributed through grassroots networks around the world. We are glad to see aid groups taking appropriate safety measures for their volunteers and the communities they serve. Our resources will continue to be available and updated as needed.

A box of masks with a note on top that reads: 'From one group seeking freedom to another.'
Masks For Humanity

Women makers living in the Moria refugee camp have been working with Team Humanity (opens in a new tab) to create protective masks, which are: ethically made, affordable, durable, washable, and reusable. We are working with MedSupplyDrive (opens in a new tab) to help these women distribute their masks to vulnerable people all over the world. This project is still in it's early stages, so stay tuned for more!