About Distribute Aid!
Distribute Aid Logo: A flock of doves stylized by stacking wings behind the main outline of a dove.

Distribute Aid’s mission is to provide for basic human needs at scale by connecting communities and empowering people to uphold human dignity.

Our board members from left to right: Rudayna Abdo, Sara Lönegård, and Stephanie Fairbank

Photo Credit: DistributeAid

Our board members from left to right: Rudayna Abdo, Sara Lönegård, and Stephanie Fairbank

About our mission

We are re-imagining humanitarian aid delivery. We aim to help move humanitarian aid to where it is needed most, create an efficient and time-saving system for shipments of aid, and lower carbon emissions for humanitarian aid. Distribute Aid has the end goal of producing a platform for the use of aid collection and service, providing groups that will incorporate all of these aims seamlessly. We offer support to a huge network of grassroots organisations working within the Refugee Aid movement in Europe, and COVID-19 response groups in Europe and the US.

Distribute Aid wants to bring more transparency to all groups involved around what donations are on offer, and make it easier to see what is needed where, which also prevents waste. Creating a platform for aid delivery will connect hundreds of independent groups working in the same field, for the same greater cause but who currently have little oversight. This platform will also provide a way to collect data on regional needs, providing a wider overview of needs and assisting in securing in-kind donations to a scale never before possible!

Our history

Summer 2018

When sorting donations in Scotland Sara had the idea for Distribute Aid to make it easier for people to help

Fall 2018

Sara and Taylor (co-founders) spent 3 months visiting and volunteering with 50+ aid organisations in Europe to discover the most effective ways to help

January 2019

Distribute Aid became a registered charity in Sweden

October 2019

Distribute Aid facilitated its first large in-kind donation

January 2020

Distribute Aid received the "Most Direct Human Impact" award by the UN Technology and Innovation Lab

March 2020

Flexport.org rewarded Distribute Aid with a $50,000 grant to provide emergency aid shipments

Fall 2020

Distribute Aid facilitated the international response to the Moria fire, tripling its number of aid shipments to date

Spring 2021

Distribute Aid set up aid hubs and regular routes from the U.K. to help grassroots organisations continue to send aid after Brexit.