Grassroots Refugee Relief

We connect aid groups together to strengthen the sharing of information and resources to multiply their impact across relief responses.

Our network spans 150+ varying organizations - by zooming in on the different individual needs of groups, we gain a wide understanding of how to develop the grassroots movement at scale to fortify the supply chain of material aid in preparation for current and future relief responses.

Across the world, the number of individuals affected by conflict, climate change, economic hardship and political persecution; continues to rise every day.

The grassroots relief movement leads the long-term refugee response effort; supporting thousands of displaced communities across Europe and the Middle East. Aid groups work round the clock to provide care to those most vulnerable and ensure they have access to dignified lives through the toughest of times. It’s never been more important for the grassroots organizations on the ground to have the right aid to respond effectively in preparation for current and future relief responses.