Humanitarian Logistics

Creating sustainable supply chains across the humanitarian relief sector is critical to ensure that aid groups have access to the resources necessary to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Distribute Aid works to improve how aid is sourced, allocated, and distributed; by managing the logistics of sending material aid from and to aid groups.

The coordination of an aid shipment comes with a number of complex processes, procedures, and paperwork that Distribute Aid handles for groups free of charge! We want to ensure that groups are offered the right guidance and assistance when it comes to humanitarian logistics.

Our experienced logistics team offers capacity building and assistance to free up capacity for organisations. In short, they enable groups to bypass long delays, avoid fines, and save potentially vital resources of both time and money in logistics and supply chain processes.

Our team helps with:
  • Creating packing lists for donated material items, attaching HS codes to each item, stating quantity, weight etc.
  • Identifying what exact transport is needed from start to end destinations.
  • Determining where the aid is needed exactly, matching donated aid accordingly
  • Getting quotes from different commercial freight forwarders (facilitating services that small groups do not have access to)
  • Preparing all the relevant documentation for customs and forwarding
  • Keeping constant communication in regard to supply outreach, group outreach, service outreach, request processing, operational comms
  • Finding suitable exporter and importer consignees
  • Working closely with customs agents
  • Acquiring tax exemptions for relief shipments
  • Dealing with unexpected complications, such as inspections and clearance delays
  • Staying updated on various shipping and trucking routes, identifying any potential hindrances to a particular route and communicating this with the rest of the team.