Sustainable Supply Chains

The biggest threat to human life is climate change. Increasing temperatures are giving rise to slow-onset events leading to devastating environmental effects, in addition to climate change-related conflicts as land and water resources become more scarce. People are being forced to move and seek emergency refuge; leading to an immense increase in human displacement worldwide.

At Distribute Aid, we build solutions that incorporate eco-sustainable practices across the humanitarian relief supply chain. So far we:
  • Facilitate the distribution of second-hand clothing; meeting the needs of thousands of vulnerable people without using new resources.
  • Coordinate central aid collection points across the U.K.; for grassroots groups to send full containers of consolidated aid rather than numerous individual vans to groups in various destinations.
  • Source in-kind donations from overstock, based-off items requested by aid groups giving use to resources that would otherwise go to waste; to support the needs of vulnerable communities.
  • Identify the needs of groups across regions each quarter to understand exactly what they need, and match donated aid to groups accordingly.
  • Offset the carbon generated for all our shipments and support local grassroots initiatives working to counter environmental degradation in the areas in which we operate.