A simple map showing the shape of Romania


According to the UNHCR, over 1.7 million Ukrainian refugees had entered Romania by the end of August 2022. However, Romania has primarily been a country of transition since 94.9% of Ukrainians who have entered have also departed from Romania to move onward to other countries or back to Ukraine.

Government Response

Romanian authorities have, on numerous occasions, been accused of violent pushbacks. Despite this, Romania is becoming a more frequently used route for PoM. It is considerably easier to enter compared to either Croatia or Hungary if one travels from Serbia. Still, in comparison to other surrounding states, Romania may be easier to enter because it is not part of the Schengen area. There have been numerous reported instances of police brutality, often resulting in bruises, fractures, and broken bones. Romanian officials have on several occasions denied that any pushbacks or violent acts of police brutality have occurred despite the overwhelming evidence.

News Updates

Survey of Ukrainian refugee experiences


A survey by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) found that 68% of refugees from Ukraine who live in Poland, Romania, and Moldova struggle to meet basic needs and risk falling into poverty. The survey also revealed that refugees in collective centres, mothers and children, pensioners, and people with disabilities need help accessing basic necessities. Around 45% of refugees reportedly skip meals, while Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Moldova (especially Roma refugees) say they have been moved to substandard housing and have been forced to borrow money for survival. The NRC is calling on host countries and international donors to ensure the continued protection of refugees from Ukraine by developing policies that will prevent people from falling into further hardship.

Payment delays for Romanians hosting Ukrainian refugees


Romanians hosting Ukrainian refugees say they did not receive their promised governmental assistance in January or February. Romania paid out €160 million in December, but future subsidies may become more restricted as concerns arise about people abusing this scheme.

Romania's support to Ukrainian Refugees


Romania released a report detailing its response to Ukrainian refugees. As of January 2023, the country has spent €76 million on housing and €152 million on food for refugees, while 19,594 have received emergency medical care. However, infrastructure is still lacking for elderly and disabled people, and fewer Ukrainian children than expected are enrolled in Romanian schools.

U.S. to selling military vehicles to Romania


The U.S. State Department is set to sell nearly 100 military vehicles to NATO-member Romania. “Romania and the United States remain committed to supporting the democratically elected authorities of the Republic of Moldova in their efforts to strengthen their country’s political and economic resilience, defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continue the process of European integration,” said both countries in a joint statement.