A simple map showing the shape of Beirut


The accumulation of crises in Lebanon, specifically Beirut, has led to enormous difficulties across many levels of society. People living in Beirut have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, electricity shortages, fuel shortages, medicine shortages, massive inflation, and the port blast in August 2020, which left 300,000 people without shelter. These factors have resulted in significant numbers of people falling below the poverty line across all parts of society. As Beirut hosts an extensive array of Lebanese families, refugees, and foreign workers from many backgrounds, these intersecting crises are affecting the entire population in Beirut to varying degrees.

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Protests in Beirut as banks limit withdrawals


In Beirut, protesters have blocked roads and set fire to banks over withdrawal restrictions. These restrictions have led some depositors to take the desperate step of holding up banks at gunpoint to retrieve their money.